Zach Mashburn and Rodney Hedrick make up the Christian Country duo Zach and Rodney recently signed to Nashville’s Red Hen Label.  Zach and Rodney not only share their music career, but also share family as brothers-in-law. The duo makes their home in Trinity, North Carolina.  Producer and Red Hen’s A & R Director, Rick Schweinsberg states, “When I heard Zach and Rodney for the first time, I heard modern country and traditional country combined in a unique blend and style all their own.”

Zach and Rodney’s first single Hold On a Little Longer from their new CD Biscuits from Heaven released to radio in December 2012.  They are currently touring radio stations and meeting with d.j.’s to support this release on Christian and country radio.  Zach and Rodney compose many of their songs, and this CD is no exception, with touching performances like “Words (That Change Your Life Forever).”  Rodney shares,  “We take life-changing moments and create life-changing music.” Zach adds, "Playing guitar is more than a hobby or past time, its how I worship."  The passion that Zach and Rodney carry to touch people with music that will encourage those who are discouraged, reach the lost and hurting, and inspire those searching for purpose, can be heard in lyrics of songs, such as “Tell Me Something Good,” “Led by Love,” and “(His Love is) Relentless.” 

In the late 1990’s, while pursuing a career in country music and getting into trouble with the law, Rodney Hedrick was sentenced to perform his community service at a church, with one condition.  He would have to attend the Sunday School class taught by the janitor and choir director of the church at least one time. It didn’t end there.  Rodney kept going.  That one Sunday School class would change his life forever.  While attending, he surrendered his heart and talents to the Lord, taught the same class he attended, accepted the call to preach, and married the janitor's daughter, who just happened to have a 12-year-old guitar-playing brother named Zach Mashburn.  So began the duo Zach and Rodney.  Now they want to tell others that God definitely has a plan for your life, too!  (Jeremiah 29:11)
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